Police banned from eating at one Illinois Denny’s

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The chief of the Belleville, Illinois Police Department has reportedly ordered his employees to stay out of a Denny’s restaurant there.

The decision came after a group of detectives were reportedly asked by a Denny’s manager to leave the restaurant New Year’s Day.

The detectives were on-duty but not in uniform when a customer told a manager at the restaurant that at least one of the officers was carrying a gun.  KTVI reports the manager continued to insist the detective either leave or secure the gun in her car, even after being shown badges and being told they were police. 

Belleville Police Captain Don Sax said the badges were in plain view and that there were portable police radios on the table where the detectives were seated.

A second manager reportedly told the officers they could stay but, by then, it was too late and they left anyway.

“They had been harassed enough.  They have been embarrassed more than enough,” Sax said.

Sax said it’s more usual to see business managers who want the extra security of having a police officer in their establishments.

Sax said the department will respond to a call for service at the restaurant but, for now, Captain Sax says the officers are banned from eating there.