Iowa Denying Some Immigrants Driver’s Licenses

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Hundreds of undocumented young people in the Quad Cities have been approved for President Obama’s Deferred Action Program. The program helps them get work permits and drivers licenses. The state of Iowa is set to block part of that program.

One applicant, whose identity has to be kept confidential, was approved for the Deferred Action Program a month ago. Thanks to the program, he’s been able to get a job and a license, but now that might be taken away.

 "Iowa DOT simply came back and said that those youths that have been approved under the deferred action and thus issued their work authorization are not going to be allowed to drive,” says Michael Woods, Director for Casa Quad Cities.

Woods wrote a letter to Iowa Legislators to take a stance on this issue, "The federal government is allowing someone to work in the state of Iowa to be able to work, pay their taxes and so forth. Yet the state of Iowa is saying we don't want you to have the opportunity to get to work where you can pay your taxes."

Michael says the decision to let them drive is the best for everyone. He says license or no license people are still going to be on the road.

In Illinois a state Senate bill is headed to the House to allow undocumented immigrants receive driver’s licenses. Iowa’s Department of Transportation says they’ve sent out letters to those whose licenses will be revoked.

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