Quad Cities Battle to Get Residential Roads Cleared

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Icy road conditions still remain a week after the blizzard and have many people wondering when roads will be cleared.

Jackie Lyons spent her morning trying to scrape ice off of her sidewalk.

"Just clear it so my husband can get at least out of our driveway without somebody having to run out and push him,” says Jackie.

Her street is just one of many that are still covered with ice after last week’s blizzard.

"The city is barely coming through that's just ridiculous,” says Jackie.

Davenport’s Public Works says they’re battling Mother Nature and salting the roads now isn’t going to be a quick fix.

"The temperatures they are now, salt won't work as well until it warms up a little or we get some nice daylight,” says Davenports Capital Improvement Manager.

They’ve had 202 customer service requests in the past three days and they’re making sure they check all of them out.

"We track every one of them, and we respond to every one of them, go out and check the condition,” says Russell.

Jackie says there have been too many close encounters on her street because of the icy roads. She was relieved to see a plow truck on her street today, "I'm excited, I’m glad because maybe we'll be able to get the roads cleared.

One reason for the long wait is the city covers 950 miles.

"We have people out there every day still checking everything and we're addressing every request that comes in, doing what we can to make sure that we make the streets good as possible,” says Russell.

Each city has different policies. In Moline, salting residential streets is not in their budget. Anyone living in Davenport that has any road conditions concerns should call Davenport’s Public Works snow desk at (563)326-2489.

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