Local Businesses Thriving During Christmas Season

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Big box stores are busy with last minute Christmas shoppers, but they’re not the only ones. Local shops are also cashing in on the Christmas season.

With the clock ticking away, shoppers are trying to get everything checked off on their Christmas list. When most people think of Christmas shopping they usually think of heading to big box stores, but that’s starting to change.

"It's been a real good season, we have a lot of people that really like to support small local businesses,” says Blue Sky Gifts store owner, LeEtte Sexton.

Blue Sky Gifts has been around for six Christmas seasons and says this season has been their best yet.

She says initiatives like Small Business Saturday has really helped, “It’s put it to the top of mind to people that small businesses won't survive unless there's a support by their communities and people have really taken that to heart."

"There's more unique things. I feel like you get better customer service definitely,” is what Ashley Tsosie-Mahieu likes about shopping local.

She shops local every time. She also says it’s nice to avoid crowds and long lines. The Soap Box says they strive in customer service.

"We don't have the stress that mall has and so the small businesses I think can give you a little more attention,” says employee Ann Abpanalp.

The success of small businesses wouldn’t be possible without their loyal customers.

"You cannot get along without your customers so you have to take care of them and know how to treat them,” says Sexton.