Pay It Forward – Missi’s Mittens

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Though many get into the giving spirit when the holidays come around, Genesis employee Missi Sandoval is said to live in that spirit all year round. 

Because of that, her coworker wanted to thank her so with the help of Ascentra Credit Union we surprised Missi with $300 for paying it forward.  

Missi Sandoval lights up the Genesis Family Medical Center with her smile that is radiating vibes of happiness through the halls and landing on patients.  She says she understands everyone needs help sometimes.

“A little bit of a pick me up does a lot, they come in sad and they leave with a smile,” she says.”

Thanks to Missi many leave with even more than that.  The family medical center often serves under privileged children with very little to call their own.  Missi spotted the needs of many of the patients and called on her co-workers to help.

Last year, they collected over 200 pairs of shoes to go to both needy patients and families at the Salvation Army shelter.  This year, she started a drive called Missi’s Mittens.

Missi’s positive attitude and giving heart doesn’t just reach the patients.  Co worker, Tracy Buckley said she was there for her when she lost her grandchild.  Tragedy and hardship are things Missi knows all about.  Recently her husband lost his job which has made things tough for her own family.  That only seems to drive her generosity.

Tracy says you wouldn’t expect someone to keep bouncing back like Missi does and that’s why she nominated her for the Pay It Forward Program.

After the tearful surprise of $300, Missi was already planning what she was going to do with the money.  She plans to get items for the new mothers in the clinic that need baby supplies and school supplies for some of the children patients.

“I am going to help everybody else, that is for myself,” Missi said.  “That makes me feel really good.”

Missi is also a full-time student working on becoming a registered nurse.

If you would like to donate to Missi's Mittens, please contact the Genesis Family Practice on Marquette and Central Park in Davenport. 

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