‘Tis the season for snow … and grocery shopping

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A double whammy for shoppers is imminent during this week leading into Christmas, with a winter storm creeping towards the Quad City area.

‘Tis the Season to stock up like mother of two, Kayla Farren.

"Basic stuff,” said Farren. “Juice, bread and stuff for the kids."

Grocery stores are always packed this time of year, with the Christmas holiday approaching.

But, add to that the threat of snow and you've got aisles full of customers looking to beat the clock.

"It's hard to try and think ahead and you don't know how bad the snow's going to be," she said.

Although Tuesdays and Wednesdays are typically slower days, Hyvee managers expect things to ramp up Wednesday evening.

"If they have holiday stuff this weekend, they don't want to be out rushing around Friday evening if they're not able to get out of their homes on Thursday,” said Lindsay DeLong, Associate Manager of Store Operations for Hyvee.

With four inches predicted for the Quad Cities Thursday, moms like Farren want to try and avoid the traffic on the roads as much as the long lines at the store.

"The kids got to eat too and we don't want to bring them out in the snow it gets kind of nasty and dangerous weather conditions. It's a week before Christmas and there's no snow on the ground, who knows what it could be like."

DeLong says the best time to come out and shop and avoid the crowds is late at night or early in the morning.

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