Arrest made for Burlington Arson

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Bonnie Wilson has lived in Burlington for 42 years, “We have a history of being safe, and taking care of each other."

She has always felt safe until now. Her neighbor's house caught on fire, and it wasn't an accident. The fire woke her up at 12:30 in the morning on Dec.19,2012.

"I heard the fire engines go by and so I got up and I could see all kinds of flashing red lights from the bathroom and from the front of the house,” says Wilson.

Construction workers were there today boarding up the house.

"That smoke smell doesn't come out of your clothes for weeks,” says construction worker, Michael McMahon.

Police say her estranged husband, David Good, set the fire on purpose. Good is now charged with Arson, which is a felony.

"It kind of makes me angry that people are doing this close to the holidays, I mean it's the holiday, come on, everyone is supposed to be getting along, having a good time,” says McMahon.

This is the fourth arson in Burlington in the last few months. Police say it’s more than usual, leaving homeowners uneasy.

"Well it's scary and the thing about it is what if they start it in a home and there’s young babies in there,” says Wilson.

Burlington police don't think Good is responsible for the other arson’s but they’re not ruling it out.

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