PV Students Release Balloons to Honor Sandy Hook Victims

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Pleasant Valley High School students and sisters, Olivia and Emma Wright organized an event honoring the victims of the Sandy Hook shooting.  Tuesday morning, students and staff gathered in from the flag poles and released 26 balloons representing the 20 students and 6 staff members that lost their lives in the tragic shooting.

The two girls were watching the news when she decided to do something more.  The sisters read the names of each of the victims to their classmates and told them the white balloons represented the innocence of the children.

“I hope they know that we are doing this for the victims, not for publicity.”  She said she hopes the families of the victims know, “that people even 1000 miles away care.”

On the count of three, the 26 balloons were released and the students all watched quietly as they blew away in the wind.

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