UPDATE:Suspects Arrested for Davenport Homicide

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New developments in a Davenport murder case on Wednesday, Dec.12, 2012, Robby Kohn died from a single gunshot wound to the head. His body was found Saturday in a farm field off of Utah Avenue in Davenport.

Police have arrested two suspects  and launched a nationwide search for the third suspect. 20 year old Jessica Loerzel of Davenport, 20 year old Barry Hamilton of Chicago and Darious Johnson of Chicago are charged with 2st degree murder and assault of willful injury.

Loerzel and Hamilton were found in Chicago and have allegedly confessed to their involvement in the murder. Detectives have not been able to locate Johnson and are asking anyone who knows his whereabouts are to call the Police.

Officers say the suspects are acquaintances, but have found no connection between them and the victim. Police also say Loerzel and Hamilton will be brought back to Scott County tomorrow. The motive behind the murder has not been released yet.

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