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Toys for Tots Seen More Families This Year

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Toys for Tots volunteers are busy sorting toys and getting everything ready for families, but it’s been even busier at the registration table.

 "I love the excitement on the kid's faces when they come in,” says volunteer, Judy Thurman.

 Judy has been for volunteer for about eight years. She’s says it’s important for people to donate, especially this year, since there are more families in need.

 "We are over what we were last year in registration,” says Staff Sgt. Matt Starratt of Toys for Tots.

 Not to mention they saw a ton of people today since it was the last day for registration.

 "Been steady the whole time, nothing's slowed down; it's been the same everyday of registration,” says Staff Sgt Starratt.

 Judy thinks the economy is behind the increase number of families, “The economy is the main thing, there are so many people that are out of work."

 Despite the bad economy, donations have been piling in.

 "Donations are good uh we’ve feel like toys wise we've gotten a bit more than last year but however monetary donations we're actually $40,000 dollars short of last year,” says Staff Sgt. Starratt.

 He’s hoping to see more, “This last week if people wanted to donate we'd like to ask them to think about monetary donations cause that's going to help us offset what age groups we're missing."

 Age groups that see the least amount of donations are girl’s age’s six to 12 and boys ages 10 to 12.

 And while the Quad Cities has always stepped in to help, Judy is just asking for people to keep one thing in mind, "If you're fortunate enough to have a job and you're fortunate enough to be able to go out and shop for your children for Christmas, just think about the families that don't have jobs and their children might not get a toy."

 Last year Toys for Tots helped out around four thousand families. This year more than 42 hundred families registered.  Toys will be handed out to the families on Dec.15, and Dec.16, 2012. To find out more information on dating click here.

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