Toys for Tots needs

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QUAD CITIES - Toys for Tots says it's low on toys for kids ages 6-12 with six days left in the drop-off period.

Toys for Tots volunteer Judy Thurman has seen the old Zimmerman Honda distribution center go from empty to full in downtown Rock Island. Thurman labels each box of toys depending on the age of the child who would play with them. The boxes are labeled for 1-2 year-olds, 3-5 year-olds, 6-9 year-olds, and 9-12 year-olds.

The Quad Cities Toys for Tots program had already collected 3,000 bags of toys as of 6 p.m. Thursday. It says that number is already up 250 from where it was last year, but it still needs toys for older children.

"I think people forget about the teenies and the tweenies," Thurman said. "People have asked me specifically, 'what ages are you low on?' and I tell them, 'right now, 10 to 12's and 6 to 9's."

The last day for drop off at our location is Friday. The deadline for parents to register for a toy to get their child is Saturday at 5 p.m. at the old dealership.