Online survey asks if undocumented people should get Illinois license

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The Illinois Sheriff’s Association wants to know whether you think undocumented aliens should get a temporary visitor’s driver’s license.

In a Facebook post Tuesday, December 4, 2012, the association asked people to take a two-question online survey about the topic.

The survey asks if you agree with the proposal to allow the special licenses, and whether you think fingerprinting should be part of the requirements to get the special licenses.

A state senate committee passed a bill approving special three-year driver’s licenses for undocumented immigrants in Illinois.  Some lawmakers say it will make the roads safer by ensuring those drivers are qualified to drive and have auto insurance.

On December 4, the state senate made some amendments to the bill, SB0957.  One of the approved amendments makes the temporary visitor’s driver’s license invalid if the holder cannot provide proof of liability insurance when requested by law enforcement.   Another amendment requires applicants to have lived in Illinois for a year, and prohibits the licenses from being used as proof of identity.

The bill could be on the senate floor for a full vote as early as January 2013. 

Washington and New Mexico already allow illegal immigrants to obtain a driver’s license.

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