Residents Voice Concerns Over Genesis Medical Campus Development

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The city of Moline is still mulling over the proposal for a new Genesis medical campus. A special meeting brought together supporters and those still not sold on the idea.   

It was a packed house on Sunday at the Moline Public Library. A public meeting was held to discuss Tuesday’s city council meeting concerning Genesis' proposed multi-phase medical campus development.  The meeting was held to address any questions or concerns the public may have.

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Genesis is asking for a tax increment financial district to help with the cost for their first phase of development which will include a medical office building, a parking lot, infrastructure and road improvements. Providing Genesis with a TIF district is just one of the public’s concerns.

 “The city giving money to a private entity that in my opinion is quite wealthy and probably really doesn't need the money,” says Moline resident Robert Lazenby.

"I think that people often misunderstand what TIF financing is and they believe it will end up being a city pay out to a developer,” Vice President of Corporate Communications for Genesis Health System.

Genesis say’s there’s a need for this service in this area but Moline resident, Kim Lazenby doesn’t agree, "2012 study that was done in conjunction with Rock Island County and Scott county along with genesis medical center and trinity medical center does not show any kind of need,”

"I do believe the opposition we seen today is based on a lack of understanding,” says Ken.

The city council will vote on whether or not Genesis will get the TIF district. The meeting is this Dec. 4, 2012 at 6:30 pm.

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