Morrison New Speed Limit in Effect

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Motorists in Morrison, Illinois won’t be driving fast anymore. Today was the first day their new city wide speed limit went into effect. In August their city council approved a new city ordinance to change the speed limit. It was put into place to improve public safety for the community. 

Parents say they are happy with the change, "People go flying around like when kids are going to school,” says Amanda Steele.

With winter right around the corner, residents feel safer knowing motorists have to slow down.

"You don't want to drive too fast in the snow and have fender benders and all that good stuff,” says Barbara Austin.

Not everyone is a fan of slowing down though, "25 is pretty slow, compared to 30, I’m used to going 30,” says Madison Schlegel.

Madison thinks other people will have a hard time getting use to it too, “I think there's going to be a ton of people going this weekend to travel that’s going to go 30 in town.

Ultimately residents think the slower motorist go the safer everyone else is.

"I think if they want us to drive more slowly I think it's a good thing because there's a lot of people really drive too fast,” says Barbara.

There are three streets that are exempt from the new speed limit, IL RT 78, US 30, and Main Street.

Morrison Police Department says for the next 60 days they will be giving out warnings for drivers caught speeding.

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