Million-dollar Powerball tickets sold in Illinois

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Two $1 million-winning Powerball tickets for the November 28 drawing were sold in Illinois.

According to the Powerball website, two tickets that matched five numbers but did not match the Powerball were sold in Illinois.  Matching five numbers without the Powerball wins the second prize of $1 million.   

No tickets sold in Iowa matched five numbers. 

Four tickets sold in Iowa and 31 sold in Illinois matched four numbers and the Powerball, winning $10,000 each.

In Illinois, 431,161 Powerball tickets sold there won some prize in the November 28 Powerball drawing.  In Iowa, 114,195 tickets sold won some prize.  

Jackpot-winning tickets were sold in Missouri and Arizona.

Odds of winning the estimated $550 million jackpot were one in more than 175 million.  Odds of winning any prize in the Powerball game are about one in 32.