Rezoning for fertilizer facility recommended

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DAVENPORT - The Scott County Planning and Zoning Committee voted 6-1 Tuesday night to recommend rezoning an area in Scott County for an anhydrous fertilizer facility.

Crop Production Services out of Wyoming, Iowa wants to build a fertilizer facility on five acres of land on 290th Street west of Scott Park Road. Burnette B Marten Life Estate owns the land and would be leasing it to Crop Production Services. 

Neighbors in the area do not want Crop Production Services to build its facility there. The neighbors think the traffic on 290th Street would get too crowded. They also believe the road is not big enough for large trucks to drive down the street all day long.

"This is a very well traveled road," Scott County resident Dan Rebarcak said. "There's no shoulder. It's a two lane road with no passing lanes."

Rebarcak lives right on 290th Street. He met up with Crop Production Services before Tuesday's public hearing to express his concerns. The company claims anhydrous ammonia is safe to use when used properly.

"I feel very comfortable with it," Crop Production Services worker Terry Harris said of the chemical. "I've worked with it for years. I've been around it a long time, so I realize there are a lot of concerns, but that's why we're here tonight."

The approval of this construction still has many steps. The Scott County Board of Supervisors will not have a public hearing on this until December. Then, the board will look over the agenda item at two separate meetings before it votes.