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FULTON - Wildlife catcher Bill Christman gave News Eight an all access pass to his work environment.

Christman owns a business called Christman's Wildlife Services in the Quad Cities. He catches wildlife that are being a pest to people's property. News Eight followed him around one Friday night in October while he was catching skunks in Fulton. The town hired him because its residents kept complaining that they were getting sprayed along the river front.

Christman has been a wildlife catcher for 21 years. He catches everything from raccoons, to rats, and possums as well. Christman drives around in his truck with a heat camera to try to sense animal movement out in the fields. When he finds the animal he's looking for, he shoots it with a tranquilizer dart to stun the animal.

Christman found one skunk on our adventure with him in October. It took an hour and a half for him to find it. Christman was able to trap it under a cooler and tranquillize it there.

"I always win, always," Christman said after catching the skunk.

Christman is licensed to catch wildlife in both Iowa and Illinois. To see more information about his business, click here.

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