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Customers Stock Up on Hostess Products

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People across the country and here in the Quad Cities ran out to buy whatever Hostess products they could find.

Customers were disappointed to hear the news that hostess will be closing for good. On Nov.16, 2012, Hostess announced that it’s asking a federal bankruptcy court for permission to close its operations.

"I had heard that they might close a couple of places but then this morning on the news they said bankrupt, I was surprised,” says customer Ann Sandoval.

That means products like Zingers, Ding-dongs, Wonder Bread and the beloved Twinkies will be no more. After the news spread customers hit up local Hostess Outlets to stock up.

 “I love their Twinkies in the summer with the strawberries and the grandkids love the cupcakes,” Norma Nagle, a customer.

But for some customers, they were too late.

 "I was really surprised when I walked in and the shelves were empty,” says Ann Sandoval

"They didn't have what I usually get, hopefully at the next outlet store they do for this time anyway,” says customer Russell Bellinger.

Hostess products have been in kitchen cabinets for years.

"Since we were kids you know it's been Ho Ho's and Twinkies and all that,” says Sandoval.

Something future generations will never experience

“It’s kind of sad that the younger generation will never get to taste them and see what's it's all about." It's a snack they’ll miss out on, you know good stuff, Twinkies, you know all kids love Twinkies,” says Sandoval.