Presidential Election Night Scorecard

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In the race to 270 electoral votes Tuesday night, President Barack Obama likely has 201 to Gov. Mitt Romney’s 191 so far based on states considered “Solid,” “Likely” or “Leaning” for each, according to Tuesday’s latest polls averaged together at

Here’s a quick cheat-sheet of the states considered “Toss Ups” to print and follow along with Tuesday night. If the polls hold up, President Obama needs 69 of the following to win reelection or Gov. Romney needs to win 79 to win the White House.

Toss Up State Delegate Total Latest Poll Total Actual Result?
Colorado 9 O + 1.5  
Florida 29 R  + 1.5  
Iowa 6 O + 2.4  
Michigan 16 O + 4.0  
Nevada 6 O + 2.8  
New Hampshire 4 O + 2.0  
North Carolina 15 R + 3.0  
Ohio 18 O + 2.9  
Pennsylvania 20 O + 3.8  
Virginia 13 O + 0.3  
Wisconsin 10 O + 4.2  

Below are the states “leaning” for each candidate– if any states listed above or below were to swing the other candidate’s direction, it’s a likely sign of better things to come for his chances of winning the White House.

States “Leaning” Romney: Arizona (11)

States “Leaning” Obama: Maine (1), Minnesota (10), Oregon (7)

For more on the averaged state polls going into Tuesday and the full breakdown of all states, visit the following link: