Decorah Eagles Constructing Second Nest

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(WHO) – The world-famous Decorah eagles are building a new nest – away from the cameras.

The Raptor Resource Project, which runs the camera trained on the eagles’ original nest, says the pair has started to construct another nest about 300 to 500 feet away from the nest they’ve used for the past several years.

A blog by the RRP says building an alternate nest is natural behavior for eagles and only time will tell whether the Decorah eagles move to the new nest or stay put.

If a nest is used for a long time, it can attract parasites and nest-mates that rely on the food the eagles bring in. A second nest also serves as a back-up in case the original nest is damaged by the weather.

The construction of the new nest is closer to the DNR fish hatchery than the original nest.

The RRP says if the eagles move to the new nest, it will consider installing a camera to watch the nest in early fall of next year.

Officials say they will do their best to provide photos of the birds’ progress from the ground.

Millions have watched online over the past few years as the eagle couple has raised its young.

The RRP says the eagles do make occasional trips back to the original nest and have been sprucing it up as well as working on the new nest.

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