Customers React to SouthPark Mall Improvements

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With new stores being added and possible talk about adding more businesses in the area, one business owner says SouthPark Mall is the place to be.

Katie Andrios was happy to see customers in her store, especially since Thursday was the opening day for Four Seasons.

 “Very excited, we've wanted for a long time to come to Moline,” says Katie Andrios, President of Four Seasons. “When SouthPark Mall opened their arms to us, it was a great opportunity."

With so many stores closing down some would say opening a store there is risky business, but Katie says that’s not true at all.

 "SouthPark Mall has so much opportunity, they have a great location it really is the only shopping area in Moline and so we were pleased when we could work with them,” says Katie.

Four Seasons has two locations, one in Davenport and Geneseo. Four Seasons says they have 1,000 shoppers from Moline and Rock Island that shop at their Davenport location, so it made sense to open a store in Moline.

"This is awesome,” says JoDene Huntley, a customer. “Normally we'd make an all day trip to the store in Davenport."

JoDene says she has seen a lot of improvements to SouthPark Mall, "This mall is improving, it's changing, they're new things happening and it's exciting."

The mall has added a few new stores lately, one of them being Justice, a clothing store for preteens. But there’s been more than just new stores opening up to help business boom, there has been talk about adding more businesses to the area. Last week at Moline’s City Council meeting, adding a tiff district to the area was brought up. The tiff would give possible developers a tax incentive to invest in the area.

SouthPark Mall said they are expecting more new stores as the seasons change.