Fans React to Quad City Mallards Problems

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What was once a stressful time is now a relief for Mallard fans. Fans were nervous that they might not see opening game this year, but fortunately for them, the Central Hockey League announced Tuesday that they will be taking over operations for the team.

Opening day happened on Saturday, October 27th. Tailgating took place at 4:30 and quite a few people showed up to show support for opening day. The diehard fans came early. But, the Mallards have had several different owners the last few years, which causes the team to lose money.

Fans say they’re not sure if there will be another season for the Mallards, “I don’t know, I hope not because we all like it, and if it does it does, but I really hope they can find an owner,” says Mallard fan, Charles Blackaby.

Fans say they think having a better fan base will help the team be able to keep an owner. The team still does not have an owner. Officials say they are going to take their time and not rush to try to find a new owner.