Iowa mother sentenced for not stopping abuse

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Kijua Beaudrie (photo from

A Des Moines mother will go to jail for not stopping her husband from allegedly sexually abusing some of their children.

Thirty-five-year-old Kijua Beaudrie pleaded guilty to three charges of neglect as her children were alleged to have been sexually abused by their father, James Beaudrie.

The family was found living in a store front and motels, and James later fled from authorities.

Counselors testified that Kijua Beaudrie had made strides to take responsibility and change her life. Judge Scott Rosenberg said that Beaudrie had a chance to stop the abuse but did not, and her inaction has consequence. She was given three 10 year sentences to be served consecutively.

“I’m taking responsibility for my part in this…and I’ve asked my children for their forgiveness. I’m hoping and praying the court will grant me the opportunity to heal and grow with my children and continue to get the help I need. I believe that God’s will be done and I will accept whatever punishment you feel is needed,” Beaudrie told the court.

Kijua Beaudrie has told prosecutors she would testify against her husband when he comes to trial.

James Beaudrie faces nine counts of sexual abuse causing serious injury and two counts of child neglect. He has pleaded not guilty to the charges.He is scheduled to go to trial on January 28th.

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