President Obama eats downtown

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DAVENPORT - After leaving the Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds, President Obama went downtown to eat at Antonella's Pizzeria on 3rd Street.

Restaurant owner Giovani Sgro had an unexpected visitor Wednesday. He says he didn't know the President was coming until about 45 minutes before he arrived.

"It was weird how everything was going around here in the morning," Sgro said.

An entourage of men came to Antonella's around 11 Wednesday morning. Only then did Sgro realize that the President was about to come. Sgro wasn't too nervous to introduce himself. Sgro's server on the other hand was a little more nervous.

"I kind of lost it," waitress Coco Sierra-Snyder said. "I said, 'I have to wait on him?'"

President Obama came in around 11:45 a.m. Snyder says she had to talk to her co-workers before she could walk up to his table. But once she finally introduced herself, her nerves quickly went away.

"He just shook my hand. He wanted to know my name, and he called me by my name," Snyder said. "He didn't treat me like I was his server. He treated me like I was a person."

The President ordered a small, thin crust works pizza without ham. He had three campaign workers sit at his table. The President met a crowd of supporters outside of the restaurant afterward. He then left for the Quad City International Airport. He left for Denver around 1:15 p.m.

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