Teen suspended after refusing to cut his hair

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Zachary Aufderheide (photo courtesy of Robin Aufderheide/ABC News)

A teen and his mom are at odds with school officials who say the boy’s long hair violates their dress code policy.

ABC News reports Zachary Aufderheide, 17, wants to grow his hair long enough to donate it to Locks of Love, which provides wigs to children who have lost their hair because of medical problems.

Locks of Love asks that donated hair is at least ten inches long.  Zachary is about an inch away from hitting that goal.

Zachary reportedly went to the Canton, Ohio school board in September to request an exception to the school’s dress code, which says male students must keep their hair cut above the bottom of a regular shirt collar and that they cannot wear a ponytail. 

Zachary’s mom says the board commended his efforts but denied his request. 

When he didn’t cut his hair, Zachary was punished with a two-day in-school suspension.   He said cutting his hair now would show he had given up on a cause he believes is important.

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