Rep. Loebsack and Challenger Archer Debate

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One of the biggest races in Iowa is sending its candidates to the debate floor tonight.

Democratic Representative Dave Loebsack and Republican Challenger John Archer are both running for Iowa's 2nd Congressional District. On Saturday, October 20th, they held a debate at the Galvin Fine Arts Center at Saint Ambrose University in Davenport.

Quite a few people showed up to watch Iowa Democratic Representative Dave Loebsack and Republican challenger John Archer debate and help them decide who they want to lead them in Washington. During the debate they had live chats where students could submit questions to ask both candidates.

Several topics were discussed like education, the deficit and with Iowa's unemployment still relatively high, probably the biggest topic of them all was jobs.  Archer talked a lot about providing businesses with stability while Congressman Loebsack talked about protecting the middle class. Both of them didn't take long to take stabs at each other.

"Now one side of his mouth, he talks about bipartisanship, but yet on the other side his mouth he talks about blame. Now I have two children, Henry and Beatrice and they get into fights all the time, theres enough blame to go around," says Archer.

"John's been blaming me since July 2011 but at any rate there's a lot of blame to go around. We've got to call folks on it when there's blame to go around," says Congressman Loebsack.

Since the 2nd Congressional district was redrawn, whatever candidate wins the election will have to represent a larger area. Voters have 17 days until the polls are open.

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