Police say Rock Island teen was caught in the crossfire

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A Rock Island teen shot and killed last month was caught in the crossfire between two rival groups, in a shoot-out over a dispute over a broken gun.

That was the testimony in a Rock Island courtroom Thursday, during preliminary hearings for three of five men charged in connection with the killing.

Kion Lewis, 17, died from a single gunshot wound to the head. It happened September 7 on Rock Island's west side.

Detective Greg Whitcomb testified at Thursday's hearing that witnesses say there were two people firing guns that day.

Police say Andre Shaw and Lamonte Williams shot bullets at each other, but it's unclear who fired first. A total of eight bullet casings were found at or near the scene.

Three others are charged in connection with the killing. Their attorneys argue they have nothing to do with the murder.

Police say witnesses say Shaw had just bought a gun from WIlliams, and complained that it didn't work. Shaw, along with his brother Kelvin Shaw and Jodan Murphy, walked to the area of 10th Street and 11th Avenue to "return the handgun," when shots rang out. Several witnesses says Williams opened fire first, another says Shaw did.

Detective Whitcomb testified that the victim, Lewis, was not a part of the confrontation, and had nothing to do with the conflict.

Trial dates have been set for November.