Fan goes in for a kiss, bites Danny Bonaduce

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Danny Bonaduce (photo from

(CNN) — Former child star and radio personality Danny Bonaduce is nursing a nasty bite mark after a fan latched onto his face at a Washington state casino Friday night.

Bonaduce, who hosts a morning show on KZOK in Seattle, was making an appearance at the casino when a woman asked for a kiss.

“The first lady in line … says ‘I love your radio show. I loved you on the “Partridge Family.” Can you kiss me?’ And I said, ‘Sure,” Bonaduce told CNN affiliate KIRO-TV.

That’s when, according to Bonaduce, the woman wrapped both arms around his head and sunk her teeth into his check, near his left ear.

“They were tiny little Chucky teeth. Man, they just gnawed like piranhas,” Bonaduce said. “People are trying to pull her off me … I’m screaming like a baby.”

Chucky is a reference to the villain in the “Child’s Play” horror film series about a murderous, possessed doll with a bad attitude and a mouth full of sharp chompers.

“It was so painful,” said Bonaduce, who also was at the casino to MC the Hells Belles concert — an all-female AC/DC tribute band. “It was … as if someone wadded up 10 lit cigarettes and stuck them on your face, but they didn’t go out, they just stayed that hot.”

Bonaduce said his first thought was “bath salts” after the attack.

Bath salts are a class of designer drugs that contain amphetamine-like chemicals and were initially blamed in a May attack in Miami in which a naked man chewed off part of another man’s face. Tests later showed the man had smoked pot.

Bonaduce said he won’t file charges in the attack, saying he’s certain the woman had lost her grasp on reality.

“I think she was truly, truly delusional. I don’t think she had any idea what she did.”

CNN’s Maggie Schneider contributed to this report.

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