Ag in the AM: Farmers Donate to Food Bank

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MOLINE, Illinois - Three Illinois groups have just made a big donation to help stock area food shelves.

The Illinois Pork Producers Association, Illinois Corn Marketing Board, and the Illinois Soybean Association donated 45-hundred pounds of ground pork to the Riverbend Food Pantry.

“Pork producers are committed to helping their neighbors throughout the state who are having difficulty feeding their families,” said Gary Asay, a pork producer from Osco, Ill. and Past President of the IL Pork Producers Association.

The groups have already donated 38-thousand pounds of food to eight regional food banks in the state.

“This type of project is a winning situation for everyone involved, not just the Corn Marketing Board or pork producers, but most importantly, our neighbors throughout Illinois will receive protein which is vital to everyone's nutritional needs,” says Illinois Corn Marketing Board's Tom Mueller.

The donations are being made during "September Hunger Action Month" and "October National Pork Month".

Since 2008, the "Pork Power" initiative has donated enough food to provide more than one million meals in the state.