Plan to bully mentally challenged girl busted

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Country music singer Rickie Lee Tanner is outraged after learning students at Pacific High School in Pacific, Missouri allegedly planned to humiliate his mentally challenged daughter during this Saturday’s homecoming parade.

Tanner and his wife say the daughter came home from school excited, telling them she had been elected to the homecoming court. They say they became suspicious because the teen doesn’t have friends. While 15 years old, they say she has the mentality of a 10 year old.

The Tanners contacted the principal, who they say was slow to respond.  So, they conducted their own investigation that included contacting parents of other students at the school.

That’s when, they say, they learned students were allegedly planning to pelt their daughter with eggs and quack like a duck when her float went by in the parade, because the girl wrote in her bio that her pet duck was her friend.

The Tanners say they would like to see the school’s homecoming dance cancelled in light of the allegations.

(Thanks to our sister station KTVI for this report)

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