Meet Justin… The Painting Horse

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Many horses were on the auction block in Dixon, Illinois this week, but there was one that really turned some heads.

Justin is a 9-year-old stallion from Indiana, who can paint. He showed off his painting skills at Dixon's Fine Arts Center on Sunday, September 23rd. His unique talent came as a surprise to his owner, who originally bought him to be a show horse. However, after seeing Justin draw in the sand, she put a paint brush in his mouth.

"I could tell he had a nice body of work and that I could show people," says Owner, Adonna Combs. "And then when I did say - 'Hey, look what Justin and I are doing!' - and people would come up and they would say - 'Who Justin?' I said, 'Well, he's my horse!"

You can see -- and buy -- Justin's work here.