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Month Old Trash Pile Disappears Thanks to ‘Good Deed’

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For one Quad Cities family it's a sight that hasn't been seen for weeks, a garbage truck that's long overdue.

"I'm surprised she let it go this long. If you miss somebody, they usually call us that night and we're going to take care of it. I can't believe they never came before this," says the owner of Conrad Disposal.

County Waste Incorporated has still not shown up to collect Heather Rubingh's garbage. But after seeing our story last night the owners of Conrad Disposal took it upon themselves to help out Rubingh's family.

The company's owners didn't want to go on camera, but agreed answer a few questions.

They tell us trash that's nearly a month old is something nobody likes being around.

"To me, four weeks, and if she's got kids…"

"Typically it's a breakdown of some kind that might last a day or so, or inclement weather. But if you've got three or four weeks that's unacceptable," says Paul Gose of the Rock Island County Health Department.

Gose tells News 8 it's a good thing Conrad showed up when it did, because homeowners who've left trash sit out for more than two weeks are subject to fines under the county sanitation ordinances.

The Health Department is responsible for licensing garbage pick up companies, and over the years Gose's handled more than a few complains about County Waste Incorporated.

"Unfortunately County Waste has had a long history of having problems sometimes picking up," says Gose.

In the meantime Conrad Disposal say this pickup is on them, all just part of being a good neighbor.

"It’s our good deed for the day," says the owner of Conrad Disposal.

Rubingh’s family says they’re planning on ending their contract with County Waste Incorporated, and will find a new garbage service.

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