Small Businesses Backing President Obama

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Obama for America will launch the Iowa Small Business for Obama Council Wednesday.

With the presidential election just two months away both presidential candidates are drumming up last-minute support.  This morning, President Barack Obama is getting a boost from small businesses in the area.

Though the Romney campaign has marketed the presidential candidate as a business man, some small business owners in Davenport are coming together in support of President Obama’s plan.

The press conference for the Iowa Small Businesses for Obama Council will be held at the Obama for America office in Davenport on Wednesday at 11 am.  The group says the conference will emphasize the president’s strong support for Iowa’s small businesses by comparing it to the plans of Governor Romney.  The council boasts that the president is best for the 61,000 small businesses in Iowa because of his investments in start-ups and extending 30.5 billion in loans.

The Romney campaign argues that Obama’s income tax hikes would hurt job creation by hitting high-income business owners.

The Small Businesses for Obama Council was started in Des Moines and has now branched to Council Bluff and locally in Davenport.