Homeowner claims she was scammed

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HENRY COUNTY - A Henry County woman says she is owed $11,700 for a construction job that has never been finished.

Tammy Lyon hired Thomas Hunter of Thomas Hunter Construction to do the windows, siding, and doors on her new home on Quarry Road outside of Colona. However, after a stoppage in work, the construction company never came back to finish the job.

"We've got nothing that we've paid for," Lyon said. "I have receipts and cancelled checks."

Lyon wrote Hunter seven different checks for jobs on her home. According to her, everything was going fine in May and June. In July though, she claims Hunter started making excuses for why he could not do any more on the home. Nonetheless, she says she never got refunded.

"That's when the fiance's mom passed away," Lyon said about what she thinks was one of Hunter's excuses. "He had to go to Missouri. Then, the fiance's dad passed away. He had to go back to Missouri. Somehow they buried him in the wrong place."

Since that phone conversation, Lyon claims she has not seen Hunter. Now she believes Hunter never intended on finishing her home.

"That was three and a half weeks ago," Lyon said of the phone call. "Now he won't answer any of our calls."

Hunter had a very different story though. He does promise on repaying Lyon, but he would not discuss why he never came back to finish Lyon's home. Now Lyon has bought her own new windows, siding, and doors, but she still claims she hasn't been refunded for the materials she bought with Hunter.

Hunter says that he is waiting on Lyon's bank to repay her for the job he never finished. He also claims that Lyon has not called him to ask about the refund. Hunter works out of his home in Wilton.