Car pulled from Sylvan Slough in Mississippi River

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For the third time in about three weeks, a car was pulled from the Mississippi River in our area.

A car found by Living Lands and Waters leader Chad Pregracke was pulled from the Sylvan Slough near the Rock Island-Moline border Tuesday, August 21, 2012.

Low river levels due to drought have led to more discoveries of debris in and along area waterways. 

“If the river was at normal levels, this car would be six to eight feet deeper in the water than what it is, so the river is exposing some things to us and makes it kind of exciting,” said Illinois conservation officer Steve Francisko.

The keys were found in the ignition of the car and the gear shift was in the “drive” position. 

Police said they quickly identified the car as a vehicle stolen from Port Byron in April 2012.