Parking predicament for presidential visit in Davenport

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Hundreds of spectators are ready to see President Obama in the Village of East Davenport on Wednesday. But getting all those folks in and out of the Lindsay Park area is another problem.

Tim Garcia is looking for a solution on two wheels. He might be using pedal power to come see President Obama.

"We talked about that as a strategy, as far as parking far away and then biking in," he said.

It's already a sign of the times in the Village. Restricted parking is a way of life for presidential appearances. With many streets closed down, police warn that walking some distance may be necessary.

"I think it's going to be a tremendous hassle," Garcia continued. "One of our plans probably is to park clear up into the Heights somewhere."

Chris Jansen is sprucing up the Village Theatre for Wednesday's event. She's one of the lucky ones able to walk to work.

Jansen has some advice for drivers.

"I think they better make a plan outside the box," she said. "That's what I would do if I had to drive."

Since parking closely on Wednesday won't be possible, spectators and residents will need to fend for themselves. It won't be that convenient.

Police warn that congestion and delays are probable. Many streets will be shut down. Leave plenty of time to hunt for parking.

"They're going to be parking in the neighborhoods," said Tom Lagomarcino, Lagomarcino's owner. "They're going to have to walk a little ways. I know that. That's just the way it is this year."

While the Channel Cat will shut down Wednesday afternoon, one option is to take Route 14 on the Davenport bus line.

"I think we can manage," said Kaitlyn Delaney. "There's plenty of ways to get around in this neighborhood."

Garcia just might rely on his bicycle for the big event.

"I just want to add to the numbers and show support to the rest of the country," he concluded.

For him, a parking predicament that's worth the hassle.