Stinky Situation: Sewer Work Sprays Raw Sewage into Bettendorf Home

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Today Suzan Esser is returning home.

"It's a very poopy situation," says Esser.

She was forced to stay in a hotel last night after her toilet exploded spraying raw sewage all over her bathroom.

"At first I walked by and I thought "No, no. Not again," says Esser.

It seems yesterday Bettendorf public works crews were jetting sewer lines when the excess pressure started blowing sewage the wrong direction, up and out of Suzan Esser's toilets.

"I was told to call somebody and have them clean it up and then send them the bill. But where are we going to stay, we can't obviously stay in our house, my house is covered in raw sewage from my neighbors," says Esser.

This isn't the first time Suzan's had to deal with this problem, it's happened not once, not twice, but now three times to her.

"I'm a nice person and I do understand that things happen, but this does not need to happen, not once twice but three times," says Esser.

With every look this widowed single mother seems to make a new discovery, more to this mess than meets the eye.

"My floors are obviously ruined, it soaked, it... ugh... UGH! Jesus even has sewage on him.," says Esser. "Who would I call, I don't know. Who am I going to call, I don't know! I don't even want to know what's in the basement right now because I know it would send me over the edge," she adds.

Esser has an emergency restoration company lined up to clean and sanitize her bathrooms, but she says repeated scene like this, has her sanity about to spill over.

"It's easy enough to be pleasant when life flows along. I think that's funny that that's got sewage on it," jokes Esser reading a framed piece of cross stitch.

News 8 spoke to the City of Bettendorf about Esser's issue. They confirm maintenance work was being done in the area near her home. They tell us a complaint has been filed, and the city will take action once their investigation is complete.