Concealed carry issue headed for November ballot

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Henry County, Illinois board member Jon Zahm says enough petition signatures were collected to put the issue of concealed carrying of firearms on the November ballot.

Zahm was one of 30 people who collected a reported 1,975 signatures on the petitions.  He said 1,446 signatures were required to put the issue on the November ballot. 

The petition asks signers to support Henry County citizens’ “right to keep and bear arms free of infringement by any local, state or federal government,” and allows open on concealed possession, carrying and transportation of those arms.

Read the petition here:  Henry County Constitutional Carry of Arms petition

The ordinance would exclude prohibited minors, persons under the influence of intoxicating substances and persons who would otherwise be prohibited from possession firearms under federal law. 

“This will allow the people of Henry County to express at the ballot box whether they support the right of an individual who is legal to own a firearm, to have the right to carry that firearm, open or concealed, for personal protection and other legal purposes. Illinois is the only state in the nation that does not have some form of legal open or conceal carry,” Zahm said.

Petitions were circulated and signatures gathered for 15 days.  The petitions were submitted to the office of the Henry County Clerk in Cambridge, Illinois Monday, August 6.

Zahm has promised to post updates on the petition and the ballot issue on his blog at

Sean McKee organizes a similar petition drive in Warren County, forcing the concealed carry question to appear on the November ballot there as well.  McKee said they were 15 signatures short of gathering twice the number required to put the question before Warren County voters in November.