Tree Falls During Storm

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DAVENPORT - A tree fell down at the corner of Third and Pine Street Saturday. It happened around 1:45 p.m.

"It looks like the roots rotted under the tree," neighbor Will Roelandt said.

No one was hurt because of the tree. Roelandt says he did not know the tree fell until a few minutes after it happened.

The tree fell down right next to "The Quarry" on Third Street. Bar Manager Amy Loter had only minor scratches to her car. Her car was parked right by the tree.

"The front of my car was right past the 'no parking sign,'" Loter said. "I saw the tree falling, and looked outside. My car was under it."

A branch and some leaves were still on the car a couple hours later. After the storm, Loter moved her vehicle to the back of the bar.

"It didn't do anything," Loter said. "I mean there might be a couple of scratches, but nothing was smashed or anything."

A Ford Explorer was on the other side of the tree. It was not damaged. It was just a couple of feet away from the tree though.

"I'm just glad it didn't hit anybody's car or anything," Roelandt said.

Crews did not have to remove the tree from the street. The tree fell right along the sidewalk, so it is not hanging out on the road.

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