Niabi Zoo giraffe gets a name

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The male baby giraffe born June 1, 2012 at Niabi Zoo now has a name.

Zoo officials hosted a naming contest for the month of July 2012, asking people to “vote” by donating pocket change to jars labeled with the suggested names.  The available name choices were Wally, Jabali (strong as a rock) and Kofi (born on Friday).

The contest raised a total of $826.72 which will go toward the construction of a new elephant exhibit at the zoo. 

Wally was the winning name, with $306.01 in donations in that jar.  Wally was the winning name choice by $20 according to zoo director Marc Heinzman.

Jabali collected $285.36 and Kofi collected $235.35. 

Wally was suggested by zookeeper Carl Mohler who shortened his original suggestion of Walter. 

The name selection was announced August 1, 2012.