Officer shot in the head during traffic stop

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A Fortville, Indiana police officer was shot in the head during a routine traffic stop.

The dash cam video shows James Lockhart firing a dozen shots into officer Matthew Fox's windshield and driver's side window after Fox tried to pull him over.

 Fox’s body armor stopped most of the shots but one of the bullets ricocheted in his car and hit him in the head. 

 Lockhart then drove home and loaded his car with several guns. 

 Officer Fox struggled to stay alive but was able to tell another officer what happened.


Officer:  “Tell me what the gunman looked like.” 

 Fox:  “White male goatee.”

Officer:  “A white male goatee in a white Volvo?”

Fox:  “Yes.”


A few minutes later Lockhart died in a shootout with eight police officers at an apartment complex.

Police searched his car and they discovered 6 guns, 4 machetes, a police scanner and a pound of marijuana.