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Family Resources laying off 45 full-time workers, cutting service

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The Annie Wittenmyer Youth Center in Davenport is laying off 45 full-time workers to help with a projected budget deficit in the court ordered program.

The center, run by Family Resources, is a group foster home for troubled kids.

''It's been a difficult decision for all of us'', said Cheryl Goodwin, with Family Resources.

Thirty five children will be re-located to other facilities around the state, or in some cases, out of state.

''These children,have experienced great trauma in their lives. Most of them are victims of physical abuse, emotional abuse, they struggel with mental health issues.'' Goodwin said.

'These are children placed here by the court system'', she said.

The decision tough, the math easy. The state of Iowa reimburses about $98 a day per child. The cost to care for one child is about $138 a day. Making up the 40 dollar a day difference, per child,  has put financial stress on the program.

The cuts include 45 full-time workers, including counselors and therapists, and several part-timers.

''It's been a very emotional time for us'', Goodwin said.

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