Louisa County teens bounce 27 hours to break world record

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A group of Louisa County teens met their goal to jump for 27 hours straight inside a bounce house.

They were attempting to break a record set last year in Ohio for the “Longest Marathon on a Bounce Castle”. The current record is 26 hours.

Commercial bounce houses are produced in Louisa County at Wapello Fabrications, one of the few remaining domestic manufactures of commercial bounce houses in the United States. The teens figured it was time to bring the bounce house record back home.

The bouncing started on Thursday morning and finished 27 hours later on Friday afternoon. 

To get an official Guinness Record, the group videotaped the entire attempt and will put together a short film about it. They also kept a log of who was bouncing and for how long. Guinness will have to certify the attempt to make it official.