Neighbors Worry About “Meat Van”

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MUSCATINE - Neighbors along Bidwell Road claim solicitors are going door-to-door to try to sell cleaning supplies.

But the solicitor's aggression and a couple of recent instances are drawing some concern. Muscatine resident Lee Behnky believes the solicitors are trying to get into your home.

"We were all pretty freaked out by it," Behnky said. "The solicitor was approximately there for 10 minutes, and he wouldn't leave."

Behnky says his parents were actually home when the solicitor came up. But because no one answered, he says the solicitor tried to enter the home.

Behnky's parents claim they heard the solicitor trying to open their door. Shortly after, another solicitor in a meat van came up trying to sell them something as well. Behnky took a picture of that van and shared it with News Eight Tuesday.

"I think the first guy's going in, trying to see if you're home or not," Behnky said. "If he figures out you're not home, he calls the meat truck. Then the meat truck comes in and robs you blind."

Behnky's neighbor Angie Brauns is concerned too. Her kids have opened the door to the solicitors before. The family's actually put up a sign to try to keep them away.

"It's very scary," Brauns said. "They put a sign up that says 'No soliciting and trespassing. Security cameras are in use, and the cops will be called.'"

The cops have actually already been called out to the scene. In the past two days, they've given out at least two soliciting violations in the area. However, they haven't arrested anyone because they don't have proof of a crime.

"This is really interesting stuff," Behnky said.

Behnky helped set up a Facebook page so neighbors can avoid the possible scam. The Facebook page is called "Lost, Found, Missing, Stolen." Some messages on the page have as many as 109 comments below them.

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