Semi Trailer Collapses In Rock Island

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ROCK ISLAND -- The trailer of a semi truck collapsed Thursday morning, July 19, 2012 as the driver was approaching the train tracks at the intersection of 44th Street and 5th Avenue near the Quad City Industrial Center building.

Illinois State Police said the truck was hauling freight and the frame rails underneath the trailer probably cracked. No one was hurt.

Police detoured traffic from 5th Avenue to 6th Avenue since the truck was blocking the intersection.

Joe Dohrn, of Dohrn Transfer Company, issued a statement about the incident Thursday afternoon.

“Dohrn Transfer had an accident this morning, July 19th 2012, where a trailer that a tractor was pulling lost structural integrity and broke apart on a road in Rock Island, IL.

“We take any incident like this very seriously, and as this was an abnormal incident, we immediately inspected all of the shipments that were on this trailer for delivery.

“This inspection led us to discover that one of the shipments on the trailer was tendered to us with significantly inaccurate information.  This shipment was tendered to us at 6,325 pounds, but upon reweigh, we learned that the shipment actually weighed 13,644 pounds.

“This unknown and significant weight difference of 7,339 pounds caused the trailer to be loaded beyond the manufacturer's recommended limits, and as a result, during normal road movement, the trailer lost its structural integrity and collapsed.

“We are thankful that no injuries occurred and that no other parties were involved in this incident.  We have already followed up with the shipper in question and will monitor their shipping until we are confident they have resolved any issues involving inaccurate shipment tendering.”

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