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Kids help animals beat the heat at fair

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When it's closing in on 100 degrees, sometimes the fair isn't so fun.

"It's annoying, hot and you need a lot of water," said ten-year-old Garrett Blake.

After all, it's a big responsibility to keep an animal many times your own weight cool.

"If the rest are standing up, and it's just laying down and not eating, you can kinda tell it's starting to overheat," added Blake.

That's where the work comes in.

"You always have to take them and cool them down, take them to the wash rack and spray them every couple of hours or so," said fourteen-year-old Amanda Ruhl.

"Put lots of fans on them and wash them four or five times a day," said nine-year-old Tynnlee Schluter.

Working in the heat means some personal sacrifices as well.

"I'm usually a Mountain Dew fanatic, but I haven't drank one all have to do the right thing to keep yourself hydrated," said Jenna Preston.

The required pants and boots for showing are also a little heavier than the shorts and tee shirts they'd like to be wearing.

Even the youngest, though, will tell you they'll take a little extra sweat to hold that blue ribbon.

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