Ag in the AM: Crop Conditions Deteriorate

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DES MOINES - Some Iowa farmers got a break in the weather last week but no such relief was seeen in Illinois.

The latest USDA crop progress report just out shows more than half of Illinois farmers, 56-percent, say their corn crop is in poor to very poor condition.

The worst region is still to our deep south.

Illinois soybean farmers are better off with 41-percent saying their crop is poor to very poor. The rest saying things are fair to even excellent.

ILLINOIS Crop Condition (July 15)
26% Very Poor
30% Poor
33% Fair
10% Good
1% Excellent

16% Very Poor
25% Poor
42% Fair
16% Good
1% Excellent

18% Very Poor
32% Poor
34% FAir
16% Good
0% Excellent

48% Very Poor
35% Poor
15% Fair
2% Good
0% Excellent

43% Very Poor
36% Poor
18% Fair
3% Good
0% Excellent

In Iowa the situation is better but deteriorating.
While 27-percent say their corn crop is in poor to very poor condition, a third say the crop is fair and another third say their corn is good.
Most Iowa soybean farmers, a full 80-percent, say their crop is in at least fair condition.

IOWA Crop Conditions (July 15)
8% Very Poor
19% Poor
37% Fair
32% Good
4% Excellent

5% Very Poor
15% Poor
42% Fair
34% Good
4% Excellent

4% Very Poor
18% Poor
34% Fair
38% Good
6% Excellent

Hay (all)
15% Very Poor
24% Poor
40% FAir
20% Good
1% Excellent

Pasture and Range
26% Very Poor
36% Poor
29% Fair
8% Good
1% Excellent

The drought is still taking its toll.   60-percent of northwest Illinois and east central Iowa farmers say their soil moisture is very short.

Very few say it's adequate.

Quad City area farmers are also seeing their sub-soil moisture dry up. That's a concern for this winter and next spring.