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Former Cordova cop gets probation for intimidation, must pay delinquent child support

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A former Quad City area police officer won't be headed to jail, but has lost his badge for good.

Ray Goossens, an-ex Cordova cop, was sentenced Monday to two years probation for trying to use his uniform to intimdate a local business owner into firing two security guards he didn't like.

Goossens was also ordered to find a full time job, get a mental health evaluation, and pay delinquent child support for his now ten-year old daughter. He is more than three years behind.

''You are not going to come off probation until your child support is current'', said Judge Mike Meersman, adding that ''putting you in jail doesn't do anything but embarrass you. I think you've pretty much killed your career yourself''.

Goossens was found guilty in May of the intimidation charge.

 Goossens had told the owner of the Cordova Dragway that he would pull police protection from the track, if two security  guards still worked there. The two were former Cordova police officers themselves, who Goossens said had made a threat toward the mayor.

Goossens could have faced jail or prison time, and before his sentencing asked the judge for mercy.

''My daughter suffered from this, I have suffered from this. I just ask for mercy from the court'', Goossens said. ''I've been humiliated and ridiculed in the media. I find it ironic that my face was plastered on the front page of the Argus. When Nick Sheley killed eight people, he got a ''two by two''. Maybe I am better looking than him'', he told the judge.

Gardner, who blew the whistle on the ex-officer, said the sentence was fair.

''I think it's fitting. The most important thing to me is that Mr. Goossens will no longer be in law enforcement and carrying a weapon. I think he just doesn't belong in law enforcement , that's the bottom line to this'', Gardner said.

Because of the felony conviction, Goossens will no longer be able to carry a gun.

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