Heat kills hundreds of Asian Carp in local lake

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Lake Rawson is typically a beautiful site but something here has the locals turning up their noses.  The hot temperatures and low waters have reportedly caused a fish kill at the private lake in Bureau, Illinois.  Nearly 1000 Asian Carp have been killed.

Lake owner, Frances Jaskowiak says the lake was infested with Asian Carp a few years ago and since the fish have been a nuisance for the boaters.  The fish are known to jump out of the water, often landing in boats and hitting people as well.

So when about 1000 of their carcasses floated ashore, it looked to be a blessing.  In the past years, a company was hired to get rid of the Asian Carp in the lake.

Resident David Griffin and friends walked the shores of the lake and collected the dead fish and quickly disposing them.  He says he was just trying to keep the lake pleasant for everyone.

“We didn’t smell the greatest after we were done,” Griffin says.  “I like this place down here, and I didn’t want to see it get worse than it was.”

DNR says the largest fish in a lake are often killed first during a fish kill like this one.  They say as the temperature rises in the water, the oxygen level drops which causes stress on the fish.

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