Feds indict 8 on drug conspiracy charges

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Federal indictments were handed down against eight people from the Warren and Knox county areas, charged with conspiracy in what authorities call an ''organized network.''

''That means some people are buyiing the elements, some are doing the cooking, it is an organized network'', said Jim Lewis with the U.S Attorneys Office.

Those indicted are Scot Pence, 35, of Monmouth. William Marshall, 33, hometown unavailable. Leslie Montgomery, 33, of Monmouth. Leslie Morrison, 51, of Galesburg. Megan Kemmitt,32, of Monmouth. April Rice, 29, of Galesburg. Brian Brentise, 48, of Abingdon. Sean Moore, 30, hometown unavailable.

All but Morrison was arrested Thursday. Police are still looking for him.

Warren County States Attorney Chip Algren says the eight were constantly on the move, making meth.

''These (labs) are mobile and these guys move around to avoid detection'', Algren said.

The indictment alleges that starting in early 2009 to the present, the defendants conspired together and with others to manufacture and distribute more than 500 grams of meth.

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